Thursday, March 18, 2010

Updates Posted

I just updated the map page. There is currently 96 confirmed Patel-owned hotel properties in San Francisco. I will be posting an update to the research page to cover these new properties when I have the time. I also moved the "Who Are The Patels?" post to it's own page. Please note that I do not have internet access in my home and it is difficult for me to regularly maintain this blog. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to post comments if you wish to contribute anything or address any issues with me.


  1. There is no 46 Newton Street but Mr. Pravin Patel illegally built a 2 unit building in an area zoned for single family residences. Can he apply for a new address for that illegal unit? Where did you get the 46 Newton Street information?

  2. Thanks for doing all this research and making the public aware.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The blog does not contain current information or research for any other county that the Patels have hotel/motel unfair market share... I became a resident at one of Patels' hotels (e.g. after 30 days guests become tenants and have all legal rights as tenants)... this property has no certificate of occupancy, city and county do not do anything.. various building code violations... always check out -- once a tenant a SRO in a hotel has ALL legal rights of that state/county as a tenant and when no certificate of occupancy has no duty to pay rent -- check with an attorney but --

  4. have valuable research here and I would like to copy at least some of it on my own blog, with references of course, at

    It might be important because Blogspot is owned by google and they have a habit of deleting blogs after even minor legal complaints (I own my domain, so the Patels would have to sue me first)

    I live in the Seneca and have been here since before the Patels, and when they bought it, it changed overnight...It's a long story in and Tenderloin Housing Clinic now contracts with the city as 'master lease' from the Patels

    Anyway, more people will likely see it if i post some or all of your pages on my blog, if nothing else than a permanent archive

    Is that OK?..thanks, jeff

  5. Thank you so much for posting information it has help so many victims of Hurricane Katrina
    who lived in Hotels & motels most own by the Patels in the Southern States! Louisiana,Texas,
    Alabama,California all parts of the state! I was one of the Victims!

  6. Thanks for putting light on these Hotels Owners!

  7. December 15, 2011

    2048 Polk Street
    San Francisco, California 94109


    DECEMBER 30, 2011


  9. Just on my way to file a small claims suit against him and abvi for not paying me minimum wage for 1 1/2 years. during 2011-2012 in Jamestown,ca. when he owned the royal carriage inn.

  10. Beware of Bobby and Tina Mistry

  11. My daughter and I stayed at America's Best Inn at 2850 Van Ness Ave in SF. Our room was broken into at 1:30am one night while we were sleeping. The thief opened the window, reached in and opened the door. My daughter woke up while he was standing between the two beds, stealing my wallet and her i-pod. We chased him but did not catch him. Attendant was not at front desk, he refused to call police, told police cameras did not work, night lock on our door was missing, window had no stop, no apology. We are trying to get them to respond to us regarding this horrifying event. Could not find out who owned the hotel from staff. Contacted America's Best Franchising, Inc., which is the company that sold the franchise to the owner. No one returned my calls. I called them back and they told me that they forwarded my info to the hotel owner. They would not give me the owners contact info except his name...Vijay Patel. I think that the franchising company should be pressured by as many people as possible to be accountable for their franchises. They have a Facebook page and a website. Please go to these pages and implore that they take some responsibility before this happens to someone else.

    1. I'm very sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately, what happened to you is only a small taste of daily incidents like this that happen in this city. People who have lived in this city as long as I have (I've lived here for about 20 years) are all too familiar with the human depravity that fill our streets, while people from out of town are drawn here by mythical tales of a supposedly beautiful city that is in all actuality a cesspool of the lowest of lowlifes. I'm sorry that you chose our city to stay in, and at that, a Patel-owned hotel. Please inform others about my blog so that they can make informed decisions before choosing a hotel to stay in, and if possible, avoid staying in our city in general. This place is not at all what it's cracked out to be.

    2. the patels has serveral different namesan if one of ther hotel or motel gets in trouble they switch owners by putting some one else in a say thes people owned the motel when you was hurt or you wasn't payed a fair wadge, I know I tried a case in Lubbock texas wher I was sent a letter statting to appear for hering, my surprise it was a full blown trial after I cought the patels in some lyes I mean crimeral lyes the judge never said a word I had a sell out laywer witch I fired an handled the trial my self after un covering startling evedince of horrific lyes by the patel family witch had 2 law firms repersinting them they put in fals statements fals motel transfer papers in a nut shell the patels turned a reckless neglance case in to a I didden own the motel at the time of the accident by crucked attorneys an falsifying dockments an lying under oth my jury I know they wont for get the half of a day they spent in court room watching the patel lye an look at his attorney for head nods an hand signals so he answer the question I was going to file fraud on the patel family an the attornies but my wife got sick an I didden complete a brief to 7 district court of appeals in Amarillo texas any help I can be of help to you I be happy to supply

    3. well good

  12. These Patels are in Texas-they not only are buying hotels, but coffee shops as well. They are rude and hateful. I knew something was wrong when I worked at one of their nicer hotels, and then went to work in one of their "lower end" hotels-In that hotel, there were definitely prostitutes and/or drug dealing going on-people were coming and staying for ten minutes, then checking out. They have ruined the local coffee shop, bringing in cheap food and an overbearing attitude. They retained the old Italian name for the shop so that people don't know they own it. People have no idea that when they stay at these hotels or buy their food, they are supporting criminals-I had no idea until I read this blog how bad it really is! I'm stunned.

  13. They own so many gas stations and food shops as well as hotels in Alabama. They are disgusting and treat woman like they are beneath them.. We need to get these people out of power.

  14. Idi Amin didn't throw them out of Uganda for nothing....They treat Americans like pigs, and buy off the local lawmakers to give us a third world experience in their hotels....They treat their employees like dirt, and get away with it. They are obviously disrespecting the country that gave them an opportunity to be successful, and should be deported. They remind me of the Mafia, only uglier.. I will make every effort to avoid staying at one of their hotels....In fact I plan on buying a small RV so I NEVER have to stay at a Patal owned property. They can go kiss my grits!

  15. Rahul Patel (neither a criminal nor a terrorist)May 31, 2014 at 5:51 AM

    The author and followers of this blog need to get some facts right.

    1. Patels are not from one huge family. Thays equivalent to saying the Smiths or Johnsons are a huge family.

    2. Not all Patels that own hotels are criminals. This statement is pure racism. On the contrary, Patels are actually very entrepreneurial and are good fearing people.

    3. The places you are taking about are probably not hotels, they are most probably motels, inspite being called a hotel. A hotel is a full fledged Flagship. Learn the damn diffrence.

    This is for the lady from Alabama: Contrary to what you think, Indian culture demands respect woman.

    And last: No country ever gives an opportunity, is the people that seize it. People of all races can always put down other races.

    Would it be fair to say the world would have been a peaceful place without you Whites? With all the racist killing going on and hate flying around. Who are the real criminals?

    1. 1.) Patels are part of a huge family. Patel is a "caste." The caste system has been widely in use in India since ancient times, and continues to be quite prominent to this day. The word Patel literally means "landowner". It is a land-owning "elite" caste from Gujarat. You can deny this all you want, but you know that it's true.

      2.) I never claimed that every single Patel that owns hotels is a criminal. I also don't understand how it's racist to call Patels out for their crimes when this blog has nothing to do with discriminating against Indians and has everything to do with a SPECIFIC FAMILY by the LAST NAME OF PATEL. That's like saying anyone who criticizes the Rothschild family is anti-Semitic. Your argument is incredibly flawed. Regarding your comments about Patels being very "entrepreneurial and a good[sic] fearing people" I would agree, they are opportunists who find whatever ways they can to make money, even at the expense of other people. I would also agree that they are "good-fearing", as they seem to have a tendency of doing quite evil things.

      3.) The places I talk about are both Hotels and Motels. This is something that is clearly visible in the title of my blog, "The Patel Family Hotel/MOTEL Monopoly." I would highly recommend some English comprehension courses.

      4.) Regarding your comments regarding Indian culture demanding respect for women, is that why female infanticide and anti-female sex-selection is such a huge issue in India? Makes perfect sense, dude.

      5.) Again I don't understand why you are trying to make this about race. It's ironic that you accuse me of racism, and then carry on to make racist comments yourself. The fact of the matter is this is not a racist blog, and I have absolutely NOTHING against Indian people. I have several Indian friends and colleagues who I have utmost respect for. I do, however, loathe the Patel family - a notorious, corrupt family of mostly criminals and/or slumlords. The fact that I hate the Patels doesn't make me racist against Indians, much like hating the Rothschild family does not make one racist against Jews.

      You ask who the real criminals are, well here's my answer: Patels.

  16. Rahul Patel (neither a criminal nor a terrorist)June 1, 2014 at 12:10 AM

    1. Again Patels are not one big family. The caste system is a social stratification. Most Patels in India were farmers, thus being Vysyas, the 3rd ranking class out of 4 traditional classes. Not exactly "elite".

    2. If you have a problem with a specific person take it up with them. You can't stigmatise the whole group of people. I've had people claiming to see your site shouting terrorist at me in my "HOTEL", I'm just a college student working night shifts. And if you're to ignorant to see past a typo of "God" as "good", maybe you are too blind to see the damage this does to honest Patels.

    3. I doubt HOTELS would be in a run down condition. Think of it logically, if Holiday Inn or Choise hotels found properties in this condition, I doubt we'd still carry flagships.

    4. A major factor causing the female infanticide in India is not because of the patriarchal system, but because of the dowry system. As I mentioned most Patels were poor or low mid level farmers. They couldn't afford to get thier daughters married, and in Indian culture its a shame to a father that can't provide, less of a shame being childless. I personally do not approve of the dowry system. And I'm not trying to defend the thousands who killed thier daughters, I concur this was a terrible state of affairs. As far as women as status go you clearly have never heard of the Ghandi family which was a major matriarchal (Indira and Sonia Ghandi) family for 50 years. Like wise they're are many Patel families that are matriarchal.

    5. So I'm the racist one for using an example, where as it is politically correct for you to write a defamatory article stigmatising a whole group of people based on the actions of a few people. I was merely using the hate killings as an example, I didn't make arrogant assumptions that you all are one family etc.

    Also, Im sure you've heard of something called "The Court of Law", if you think your research is strong enough to make a car why not reply to the lawyers who contacted you?

    Before you abuse the Patels of bring criminals and come to vague assumptions of what you think indians are, I'd urge you to learn a bit about our culture first.

    We believe in a policy of "Athiti devo bhava" translating to "a guest is a God". As far as your point about the Rothschilds and Jews your argument is flawed, the Rothschilds are one huge family. Like the Solomons. The Patels are not. In India last names were used more like titles.

    You may have Indian colleagues who you respect, but thay doesn't mean you understand us. Can I brand Americans as violent people because the Bush administration tired to invade energy oil rich Arabian country? Are you truely saying "The People" are held accountable for the actions of "The Few"?

    And before you call me a racist again, I urge you to read both of my posts, I have merely cited examples as refrences, I don't claim to hate any group of ethnicity, nor have I been abusive like other commentors flinging around calling us disgusting and insulting our homeland.

    Apart from that, I support you blog as a human, it is important that people know about poor standards, please lodge a complaint with the converted authorities. But don't brand us with the same rod. Like I said, I'm just a student, I have no incline to to be against you on the hotel factor, my only issue is your blindness of our culture and baseless assumptions.

    1. 1.) The Patels are a caste, and they are indeed elite as they possess considerable wealth and own over 60% of all of the hotels in the United States. That is no coincidence.

      2.) I take no responsibility for what other people do. I don't encourage anyone to run around calling anybody a terrorist on this website. This website exists for the sole purpose of exposing the Patel cartel and educating people about their monopoly on the hospitality/low-income housing industry. I am, in fact, "taking it up with them" by publishing this information and actively trying to raise awareness of what they are doing. I've also visited many Patel-owned buildings here in San Francisco and have personally confronted these slumlords face-to-face.

      3.) You've obviously never visited a Patel-owned Hotel. I recommend checking out some of the ones we've got here in San Francisco such as the Entella or the Eddy hotel. Do let me know what you think after you've actually visited them for yourself like I have.

      4.) This really doesn't bear much relevance to this discussion.

      5.) There is nothing racist about my blog just because Patels are Indian. It makes no difference to me whether they're white, black or purple. Their ethnicity BEARS ABSOLUTELY NO RELEVANCE TO ANYTHING. What is relevant is the fact that the Patels are a notorious slumlord cartel who have manipulated their way to the top of the ladder at the expense of honest people.

      Regarding your comments about law, have you not bothered to read any of the info on my website? The San Francisco Department of Building Inspections have enough complaints about these Patels and their run-down hotels in their online complaint tracking system to fill up an entire data center. This is all publicly accessible information that any idiot can look up and confirm. The sheer volume of complaints that the city has received about these slumlords is astronomical. I've posted proof on this website that these Patels engage in serious crony capitalism and bribery by offering significant political contributions to corrupt city leaders, district attorneys, etc who allow them to continue to get away with endless building code and human rights violations on a daily basis. The fact is the Patel cartel have essentially purchased the "law" through blatant bribery and are no longer held accountable by our government. This is why I want people to start taking action against them and boycotting their crappy hotels!

      Who's being abused here? The Patels? Or the low-income tenants in their hotels who get moved to a different room every 29 days so they can't establish legal tenancy, lose all of their property or even their lives when the entire building burns down due to multiple fire hazards and building code violations? Who are the real victims here? A wealthy bunch of corrupt slumlords? Do you realize how absurd that even sounds?

      Oh yeah, the Patels sure treat their guests as Gods alright! Boy, I can sure recount so many "godly" experiences I had while living in Patel owned SROs. Nothing says "a guest is a God" like a disgruntled hotel manager who spews profanity at you while demanding that you give them money just to be allowed to bring a guest into your room!

      And again, your race-baiting comparison to Americans and the Bush administration bears absolutely no relevance to this discussion, because again my blog is about a specific family and is not about Indian people in general. Stop with this nonsense implying that I'm racist and that this blog targets Indians. These are false and absurd accusations.

  17. the patel family that lives in Lubbock an Amarillo are lyers an work ileagle Mexicans imergrants in ther motel business

  18. I can publish the truth about the lyes the patel family can an do break the law

  19. Do you know of any way I can get information on what motels and hotels around the whole country are Patel-owned, and more importantly for me when I go travelling, what ones are NOT Patel-owned? When I stop in a small town, I like to be able to talk about the best places to eat in the town, and other things, and Patels I have found know nothing about the town that they've settled in to extend their caste-based chain. They ruin the small-town atmosphere I look for when I go travelling. They make no attempt to really become a part of the town and adapt to its ways.

  20. You fucking idiots.. Can't see someone's success.. If you can't be succesfull then it's fine but that doesn't mean that you don't let anyone succeed.. I'm a Patel too and I also own a motel in salinas, ca but I have all documentation. So please stop spreading these kinda bullshit.

    1. We can see people's success just fine. Unfortunately, we also see that (most of) the success of the Patel family has been achieved at the expense of the low-income residents of their hotels who are frequently denied basic rights as tenants and must endure horrible living conditions. This isn't just some hoax that I made up to slander the Patel family. These abuses have been extensively documented both here and various other locations such as the San Francisco Department of Building Inspections. As I've already pointed out several times on this blog, the Patel family engages in crony capitalism/bribery by making generous political campaign contributions to various government officials that allow them to continue abusing their tenants and neglecting building health & safety codes. I have extensive documentation of this on my research page, along with documentation of the connections between many of the Patel-owned properties in San Francisco. Nobody is spreading "bullshit" here except lackeys like you who pollute this blog with apologist comments defending your cartel. If it really bothers you that your family name is being soiled by these criminals, why don't you take it up with them instead of me. I'm not the one violating people's rights every day and letting buildings deteriorate to unsafe conditions. I'm just the messenger.

  21. Luxury inn and suites of Amarillo is owned by Mickey Patel, the place is in horrid condition. Multiple complaints of roaches and bedbugs, the owners do nothing. Half the rooms are run down, if you are an Amarillo resident you get put in the back with drug dealers and prostitutes. Supposedly, now this is all rumor from this point on, the mattresses haven't been changed in over 15 years, two of the rooms have had deaths and the only thing done was sprayed Lysol™ brand cleaner to cover the smell. The pool is a joke, cleaned once a year, hot tub is one that you buy for personal use in your back yard, no maintenance personnel on site at all. The owner himself is rude and will cuss you out without provocation. It's just an all around horrible place.

    On a side note, every other motel in Amarillo is owned or managed by a one Dipak Patel, who is just as bad if not worse. Only the Marriott Hotels are safe from the Patel family.

    1. Do you know Dipak? Have you ever stepped foot in one of his multi-million dollar hotels? Clearly not, you can only afford the Luxury Inn.

  22. Hello all my name is Albert Lee I stumbled across your page accidentally and I'm glad I did I have had my same suspicions about the family for a very long time and I live in Savannah Georgia now but I have stayed at hotels owned by Patel's from Chicago Illinois all the way down to Florida I do believe it is a raising problem and we do need to do something to stop it

  23. Hello all my name is Albert Lee I stumbled across your page accidentally and I'm glad I did I have had my same suspicions about the family for a very long time and I live in Savannah Georgia now but I have stayed at hotels owned by Patel's from Chicago Illinois all the way down to Florida I do believe it is a raising problem and we do need to do something to stop it